We use plate foundations, which through their simplicity are fast to make, very warm and stable, 30 years quarantee makes our houses unique...




Wood construction

 Our houses are cut on one of the best machines.

The film presents the possibilities of CNC center. Unbelievable speed combined with the precision of performance... read more...










We are the first company in Poland adapting the open cell spray foam systems.

This system is second to none as we receive air tihgtness with no wapour barrier and stability at the same time. This is one of our invariable rules- we use ONLY spray foam insulation Foam Lok  500...







 Home testing

Through testing and mensuration we can control the suitability of the parameters being crucial for the evaluation of the building quality in the respect of energy efficiency:

The infrared test checks the thermal insulation of the walls, roof, ceiling and possible defects. If some conditions are mainained, the conductivity factor can be measured and compared with obliged standards.


Air tightness testing of the building cover by so called "Blower Door Test


The device verifies if the ventilation is consistent to obliged standards, measures uncontrolled air lackages and helps to indicate the places reguiring mending.


In both cases, after the performance of testing being in accordance with polish standards, the reports describing the results are presented with a special attention to the defects which are eliminated in advance.







perfect wood house - producent domów prefabrykowanych: domy prefabrykowane z gwarancją, oszczędne domy, tanie w utrzymaniu domy jednorodzinne