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Through testing and surveys, the parameters which are key to effective energy building, can be measured by:

  1. Tharmal camera testing which checks the thermal insulation of walls, the roof, the sling and all possible lack. If some conditions are maintained the heat transfer factor can be numerically defined and compared to binding norms. 

  2. Testing the tightness of a building's casing by using „Blower Door Test”, a technical device which verifies whether the ventilation works properly and according to binding norms, measuring uncontrolled air lackages and indicating places that need to be fixed.

In both cases we receive raports from testing describing the results with an indication.


A visual draft of air tightness servey: a fan installed in a front door makes pressure which force the outdoor air to enter the building through lackages. The survey is made according to the Polish norm PN-EN13829 which describes in details the way and the conditions to perform the test




Less popular than thermal camera testing is building tightness testing, although it gives many crucial information. The lost of heat caused by leakages is from 30 to 40% of the total energy allocated to house heating. This is a particulary serious problem in energy saving houses with new and economical heating systems.

There appear large temperature drops in the places of uncontrolled air blows which cause the liquefaction of dampness on the building elements. That goes directly to mould and its growth. Mould emits toxins, volatile microbiological organic compound and fungal spores which are recognised as the most dangerous allergens and pathogens. If the process of liquefaction begins it will not stop but defects the thermal insulation of building materials, causes its devastation and makes loss and problems.


The control over ventilation system and localization of the air leakages are not possible without Blower Door.




During testing a fan is installed in a front door and subpressure is made. That  forces the air to enter the building through all the leakages. Due to providing permanent programmed pressure, a professional software calculates the amount of infiltrated air. That allows to indicate so called "n50" factor- the number of air swaps with the difference of 50Pa  between an outdoor pressure and an indoor pressure during 1 hour.


Unvisible problems become visible in subpressure


N50 value is specified in technical conditions according to the Ministry of Infrastructure Regulation from the 6th of November 2008 abouth the technical conditions the building should fulfill. In section 2.3., Air tightness, it is specified: 

2.3.1. In a habitable building, in a collective inhabitancy buildin, public buildings and monufacture building external partitions not transparent, joints between partitions and windows with architrave joints should be designed and made to get the total air tightness.

2.3.2. Building tightness testing is recommendable. Required air tightness is as follows:

1) buildings with gravity ventilation: n50 ≤ 3,0 

2) buildings witch mechanical ventilation: n50 ≤ 1,5 



Building of higher energetic standard:

1) for energy saving building n50 < 1,5

2) for passive building n50 < 0,6.



Invisible problems become visible.


Air tightness testing is especially crucial to enerdy saving houses with a system of heat combusion.  Even small lakages make huge declines of energy efficlency in the whole system.  Badania termowizyjne i szczelności powietrznej budynków są obowiązkowe w wielu krajach europejskich, a w Polsce tylko zalecane, dlatego my idziemy o krok na przód i badamy każdy nasz budynek.




The best time to conduct the test is during building, after closing and after all the works are finished to confirm the results. According to Polish norm (PN-EN13829:2002, called "Thermal features of buildings. Air tightness specification. The method of mensuration by fan usage. ”), the testing can be conducted in already used buildings.  Perfect Wood House and Gamma-Tech company makes testing by the system of worldwide leader RetroTec Ltd. Company  USA www.retrotec.pl, model EU1000.


   The difference of pressure -50Pa


Thermal testing and air tightness testing is the best way to control the quality of building works and energetic efficiency of a building- we get the comprehensive view of all the failures cousing the growth of expenses and building materials damage.



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