The stability of the construction is provided by the usage of natural, fully renewable materials.

KVH wood is a modern wooden material of high technologies. KVH elements are dried to the moisture of 15% +/- 3%, four-sided, plain, planed and baveled. The material does not contain any damages by mold or insects. KVH material is the product clearly described by the building standards and its production is systematically controlled by outdoor institutions.



I-sections provide the reduction of the building construction weight with the increasing of the building rigidity and the web of an I-section with a thickness of just a few millimeters disposes the linear cold bridges.




Domestic wood (pine or larch) dried and four-side planed with bavel edges.




perfect wood house - producent domów prefabrykowanych: domy prefabrykowane z gwarancją, oszczędne domy, tanie w utrzymaniu domy jednorodzinne