Ecological and energy-efficient and passive houses in Steico system. 

Welcome to PerfectWoodHouse, the authorized partner of company. Steico group is the first producer of fiberboards, who intoduced FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certyfication for all their products. Due to that you can be sure that all applied materials come from the woods governed by international standards. You are ivited to look at our wide offer of house building from ecological wooden materials. 


Steico Company is the Ambassador of  Polish Institute of Passive Building   and has the certification of  Passive House System z Passivhaus Institut z Darmstadt 

We spend 80% of our life in closed rooms, which influence our mood and life quality. However, we are not always aware of what we are sorrounded by? The materials made of wood have undoubted superiority of the others, as they characterize by a few significant advantages:   they hold excellent thermal properties, regulate temperature and humidity in a room, assure good acoustic insulation and characterize by wide heat capacity and longevity. The fact the wooden materials are obtained from renewable resources makes them environmental friendly and advised for people suffering from allergy.

All Steico products are ecological and their production holds without harmful supplements. It contributes to lower energy expenditure and provide permanent, healthy indoor life environment. Every single house made in Steico technology reduces the emission of carbon dioxide of a few tons!

STEICO mission is to forecast human needs and develop the building materials, which can help us to live according to the NATURE.


perfect wood house - producent domów prefabrykowanych: domy prefabrykowane z gwarancją, oszczędne domy, tanie w utrzymaniu domy jednorodzinne